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10th ITS European Congress



More than 100 people attended the Special Interest Session 37 dealing with “Challenges of Automated Driving” (→ external link) during the 10th ITS European Congress in Helsinki, Finland from 16 to 19 June 2014. Aria Etemad, AdaptIVe coordinator from Volkswagen AG gave an introduction to the SIS 37, followed by AdaptIVe partners, ICCS, CRF, Würzburger Institut für Verkehrswissenschaften and ika Aachen. The session was moderated by Maxime Flament, Ertico.


Partners gave an overview about the lessons learned from ADAS and the potentials of automated driving. Particularly discussed was a shared control concept that assures proper collaboration between the driver and the system. AdaptIVe partner ika Aachen introduced the evaluation approach for automated driving.


Please find here the list of the speakers’ presentations of the SIS 37 — Challenges of automated driving:


Aria Etemad, VW, Introduction to automated driving (proceedings, restricted access, → external link)


Lali Ghosh, Delphi, Angelos Amditis, ICCS, From interactIVe to AdaptIVe: Evolution of automated driving


Katharina Wiedemann,WIVW GmbH, Nadja Schömig, WIVW GmbH, Challenges of vehicle automation


Felix Fahrenkrog, ika, Evaluation of automated driving functions


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