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Use Cases Workshop


At the 10th and 11th of April 2014, a use case workshop for AdaptIVe took place at the DLR facilities in Braunschweig, Germany. This was the first big gathering of the partners after the official kick-off in January in Wolfsburg, Germany.


In order to create a common understanding of the functions to be realized, a detailed use case design process was developed and presented to the participants at the beginning of the workshop. The main part consisted of gatherings in smaller teams representing the three different subprojects for highway, urban and low-speed automation.


The use case design process was applied to the various functions planned by the AdaptIVe partners. Next to round table discussions, the DLR IDeELab was used to have a hands-on experience of the functions under discussion in a driving simulator. Using this theatre system, vehicle automation systems were simulated with the help of a second driving simulator setup, mimicking the functionality of an automation system.


This way, using the feedback of participants, sequence diagrams of use cases were collected immediately on whiteboards. Each subproject that will later implement the functions had the opportunity to try out this special kind of simulator set up.


Drafts for all use cases were compiled during the two workshop days. Preliminary research questions for Human Factors evaluations were also collected, extending the scope of the workshop.

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